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  • Unit 10 Learning Goals - Evolution Test
    Due Date:  Tuesday April 10th, @ 11:59 pm

    You have the option of completing the Unit 10 Learning Goals in one of three manners.  You may complete recordings of yourself, using Flipgrid.  You may type out your responses into the form below.  You may also write out your responses to the questions using pencil and paper.

    Remember, plagiarism is a thing, even though you are not writing out a full-blown essay, or literary paper.  Your answers need to be in your own words!  If you are caught plagiarizing you will receive a zero on this unit test.

    Unit 10 Learning Goals - Evolution Test

    Posted Apr 10, 2018, 8:02 PM by Jerrid Johansen
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Daily Bio Activities

  • CRISPR Cas9
    Posted Apr 16, 2018, 7:11 AM by Jerrid Johansen
  • GMO Mosquitoes
    Check out the articles on GMO Mosquitoes and answer the following question:  

    Inside the Mosquito Factory and Bacteria Genes Offer New Strategy
    1. The articles describe two different types of GMO mosquitoes.  How do they work?

    Check out the article on getting approval for the use of GMO mosquitoes and answer the following question.

    1. What concerns do people have with using GMO mosquitoes?
    2. Are their concerns real or imagined? Explain.
    3. Should GMO mosquitoes be released in the United States?  Explain.

    GMO Mosquitoes

    Posted Apr 11, 2018, 6:05 AM by Jerrid Johansen
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Online Homework Assignments

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