Online Resources for Meiosis Review

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Here are some online resources for the Unit 6 (Meiosis) Test, which will be on Tuesday, March 5th:

1st Semester Evaluation

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Please take 5 minutes to complete the evaluation about the course, and my teaching.  Be honest!

1st Semester Final Review

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ANSWER KEY for the Semester Final Review sheet.  Please come to class with questions.

Answer Keys to Practice Quizzes:

Honors Practice Quizzes:
  • Honors Human Ecology:  D D C C D D C B D C A D
  • Honors Water and Transport:  B D A C D A C A B A
  • Honors Carbon Cycle:  C B D D B A A D A B 
  • Honors Natural Selection:  C (BCD) B C A D D D C D C
General Practice Quizzes:
  • General Human Ecology:  D D C B A A D C B D D C
  • General Water and Transport:  B B B D B D C C B C 
  • General Carbon Cycle:  C B B C B B A A A B
  • General Natural Selection:  C (BCE) B C C A C D D C C
Kahoot Challenges:

Unit 3 Exam

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Unit 3 Learning Goals - Carbon Cycle

Online Resources for Unit 3 Exam

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Use these online resources to help prepare for your Unit 3 exam.
Carbon Cycle 

Reminder that the 4.0 topic is "Technologies involving Carbon Sequestration, or Carbon Capture."

Online Resources for Membrane and Transport Unit

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Here are some ONLINE RESOURCES for the Cell Membrane and Cellular Transport.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Also use the CELL DEFENSE APP as a great resource!

Unit 1 Exam

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Unit 1 Learning Goals - Human Ecology

We're Back!

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  You've found the website for Mr. Johansen's Biology classes, and the girl's track program here at Papillion-La Vista South.  

On this site I will post announcements, review items, homework assignments, answer keys, readings, videos, and links to websites for the biology classes.  I will also post track results and records. Go ahead and bookmark this page, or memorize the url as you will use this site quite often.

If you have questions or suggestions you can email me at, or you you can click the "CONTACT ME" link on the left side of this page, and leave me a message there.


2nd Semester Review Materials

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The second semester final will be given in TWO parts:
  • Part 1 will be multiple choice
  • Part 2 will be written over the major theme from second semester:  VARIATION!

Here are some review materials for the 2nd semester final.  Come to class with questions

2nd Semester Quizzes

Unit 10 Learning Goals - Evolution Test

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Due Date:  Tuesday April 10th, @ 11:59 pm

You have the option of completing the Unit 10 Learning Goals in one of three manners.  You may complete recordings of yourself, using Flipgrid.  You may type out your responses into the form below.  You may also write out your responses to the questions using pencil and paper.

Remember, plagiarism is a thing, even though you are not writing out a full-blown essay, or literary paper.  Your answers need to be in your own words!  If you are caught plagiarizing you will receive a zero on this unit test.

Unit 10 Learning Goals - Evolution Test

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