9th Grade Titan Basketball Team

The basketball coaches would like to thank each and every one of you for your efforts during tryouts.  The process of determining who will be selected for the teams is easily the worst and most difficult process that we go through each and every year.  This is the first year of informing players of the team selections in this manner.  If we find it to be a positive experience, it may continue in the future.  If it turns out to be a poor decision, then we will go back to a more conventional method.

One thing that Coach Morris and I want to stress is that this isn't a way for us to "get out" of having to tell a kid that they haven't been chosen for the team.  Quite the opposite, we want the kids to have an opportunity to find out their status in the privacy of their own home, visit with their parents if they are not chosen, and then visit with us during the next school day.  After doing this for four years, Coach Morris and I felt that too many kids were lingering around the school after the selections and many times, kids who were not selected were having to face their peers at a time when they did not want to.  AGAIN, WE WANT TO EMPHASIZE THAT WE WILL TALK TO EVERY KID WHO WAS NOT CHOSEN.  WE ARE NOT GOING TO AVOID THEM.

With that being said, we expect that players and parents will respect the decisions of the coaches.  While ultimately the decision comes down to the two 9th grade coaches, all six coaches in the program provide input into the decision making process.  What we don't want, is to have upset kids or parents showing up unexpectedly tomorrow morning to vent any possible frustrations or anger.  Coach Morris and I are pretty rational people and would be willing to discuss things at another time if you believe it is necessary, even after we have visited with the kids individually.

Congratulations to the following boys for being selected to the 2011-12 Titan Basketball Team:

Colton Brown
Sammy Downey
Jacob Fraley
Malique Hovaldt
Ben Judd
Trey Kemmerer
Trai Kuhn
Cole Lempke
Brady Little
Alonzo Mercier
Jayden Peoples
Connor Pudenz
Tyler Randle
Luke Sellers
Zach Severson
Bradley Spencer
Cole Wellman
Calem Witt


A Few Reminders as We Begin the Season:
  • Practice begins promptly at 6:00 a.m., Thursday, November 16th.  Don't be late!
  • Nearly all practices will begin at 6:00 a.m.
  • If at all possible, set up a car pool with a couple of kids/parents in your general area. 
  • The players highlighted in blue must complete the impact/concussion testing.  Testing will occur immediately after school on Thursday, November 16th.  There is more information below.
  • We will have practice at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning.
  • We have a full schedule of activities on Saturday morning.  See the information below.
Thank you and Go Titans!!

Impact Testing.pdf

Parent Meeting Note Home.pdf