ABO and Rh Blood Groups

posted Jan 31, 2017, 5:32 AM by Jerrid Johansen
Spend some time with the Blood Typing Game:  Play the quick game with Random Patients, and read the Tutorials under the MAIN MENU tag.

Also check out the section on the Rh Blood Group.  Understand why a "mother-fetus incompatibility" is a concern for mother and baby.

Answer the following:
  1. Why is it important to understand blood typing and blood groups?
  2. Describe blood types in terms of Antigens and Antibodies.
  3. What type of blood is the Universal Donor and can be given to everybody?  Explain why.
  4. Describe the Mother-Fetus Incompatibility of the Rh Blood Group.  Why is it a concern, and what can be done to overcome it?