posted May 2, 2018, 3:47 PM by Jerrid Johansen
Here are your instructions for the day:

  1. You will work with a partner for much of the day.  You and your partner need a laptop. The login information is on my whiteboard.
  2. Go to the Simple Writer.  This is a website that requires you to use the one-thousand most commonly used words in the English Language.  If you use a word that is not common, it will be written in red.
  3. Get a book and open it to Chapter 6.3, on pages 166 - 171.
  4. There are THREE key statements in that section that are in bold, and have blue key symbol by them.
  5. I want you to type the statements into the Simple Writer and then replace the uncommon words, with the more common words so the whole statement is in black letters.
  6. Once you have the statement in all black lettering, and it makes sense, write the statements down in your notebook.
  1. Grab the white handout that says "Education:  The Value of Biodiversity off the front desk.
  2. Read the directions and then flip the page over to the table on the back.
  3. There are 14 endangered species hanging on the white strips of paper on the cabinets in my room.
  4. Read about the 14 organisms, and then decide how you will donate your $3 million dollars to those animals.
  5. You must donate to at least 5 of the organisms.
  1. Research the concept of a KEYSTONE SPECIES
  2. Put the definition into the Simple WriterRewrite it, and then put your simple definition into your notebook.
  3. Identify 6 "keystone species", and describe what it is they do that makes them a "keystone species"