Lesson: Friday, March 20th

posted Mar 19, 2015, 9:35 AM by Jerrid Johansen   [ updated Mar 19, 2015, 9:37 AM ]
  • One of the most difficult distinctions in Behavior is that of Operant vs. Classical Conditioning.  Watch the short video on these two types of learning from Ted-Ed.

Classical vs. Operant Conditioning

  • Take out your 4 drawings of learned behaviors from yesterday (they were done on yellow paper).  First, look at the critiques and suggestions that were given to your group.  Second think about the video examples that we watched in class.  Then, together as a group I want you to do 4 more drawings.  This time you need to draw them to show how you have learned by the 4 methods during your first year of high school.  Again, take the advice that what given to you, and take what you have learned to improve upon your drawings.  Use the back side of your yellow sheets, or grab new yellow sheets.
  • Lastly, work with a partner and take out a clean sheet of paper.  You are going to play the word association game, but with a little twist.  For each of the following terms or ideas, you must pick one of the teams and mascots from the NCAA basketball tournament that best represents that term or idea, and then you must explain why you chose that team/mascot.  Even if you know nothing about the teams or about basketball, you can still pick and write about them based on their mascots.  Here are the terms and ideas you must write about.
    1. Adaptation
    2. Behavior
    3. Innate Behavior
    4. Learned Behavior
    5. Migration
    6. Circadian Rhythm
    7. Courtship
    8. Territory and Aggression
    9. Animal Societies
    10. Communication
    11. Habituation
    12. Classical Conditioning
    13. Operant Conditioning
    14. Insight Learning