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Helping you to understand viruses

posted Oct 26, 2012, 7:24 AM by Jerrid Johansen
Here are some additional materials to help you work through your understanding of Viruses.
  • VirusesFrom the Khan Academy.  It gets pretty long, and pretty technical past the 14-15 minute mark, but the introductory information is great.
  • Nathan Wolfe's Jungle Search for VirusesA TED Talk about the search for viruses and trying to stop the next pandemic.  Great stuff on how viruses can jump species and spread around the world
  • Virus PowerPoint: A decent PowerPoint on Viruses and infection cycles.
  • Nova 1918 Flu:  Great video on pandemics, the 1918 flu, and the threat of a new pandemic (a.k.a. the Bird Flu)